Don’t Let Economic Uncertainty Sway Your Investment Strategy

Fears of a recession are all around. The S&P is down roughly 16% since the beginning of the year, cryptocurrency is down almost 60% from its peak, and the Federal Reserve raised interest rates again on Wednesday to combat the persistent inflation.

It’s only natural to have moments of uncertainty and to re-examine your investment strategies.

The Good News is that the market fundamentals of apartment investing are still present:


πŸ† Multifamily is a historically recession resistant asset

πŸ†Β  Apartments hedge against inflation because leases are renewed yearly, keeping up with inflation

πŸ† There is a home ownership affordability crisis- pushing our country into a Renter’s Nation

πŸ† There is a lack of supply of apartments projected for decades, and building costs are going up

πŸ† Unemployment is historically low

πŸ† Texas is still exceptionally strong with high job growth, occupancy, organic rent growth

πŸ† Tax Benefits for real estate are amazing with Bonus Depreciation at 100% through 2022

πŸ† Over time real estate appreciates in value ...LOVE this quote by Will Rogers…Β 


Don’t wait to buy real estate. Buy real estate and wait.



Your money is safest when it’s invested in real estate

It’s not safe in your savings account…

It’s not safe in your retirement account…Β 

It’s not safe in your stock account…Β 

It’s not safe in cryptocurrency….

but it is SAFE in apartments.