Apartments are the SAFEST place to invest right now!

One of the biggest threats to your wealth right now is INFLATION.

Inflation roared to an ALL TIME 40 year high in July to 9.1%. This is crazy! It might feel like it is higher than that when you start looking at gasoline prices and food costs. Check out this Bloomberg article about the ramifications!

Good news is that rent growth is near all AL TIME high too.  May Lease trade-out growth in May for Houston and Dallas were 13.5% and 20% respectively. And occupancy is nearing an all-time high with a record low apartment vacancy. This is largely due to a housing supply shortage, which according to this CNBC article, isn’t changing anytime soon. There is lack of supply projected for at least a decade! With rising mortgage interest rates, less people are moving to homeownership and are being forced into apartment living longer. 

There are multiple companies moving to Texas, such as Caterpillar. DFW has added twice as many jobs as any other market in the last couple of years.

This is the time to be investing your money in solid cash flowing, APPRECIATING assets like Apartments! Apartments are a safe place to keep your money

Even in a crisis, real estate remains a solid investment.

Put your cash to work in apartments—the best place to invest right now.