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Dr. Ronnie Shalev and Benjamin Winski are real estate owners, accredited investors, and serial entrepreneurs. They invest both passively and actively in multifamily real estate. Between them, they own interest in over 3,000+ apartment units and have 7 successful businesses. They are highly educated, results driven, and family-oriented. Through their successful real estate investing, they’ve been able to save money on taxes, double their net worth, and achieve financial freedom. Now they want to help others become real estate investors, create passive income streams and retire early!

Dr. Ronnie Shalev

Dr. Ronnie Shalev


Ronnie Shalev is a board certified ER doctor whose high pressure job sucked the life out of her, leaving her weary, burned out, and unable to enjoy her family, kids, and day-to-day life. Because she made great money, she felt  bound by the “golden handcuffs,” and saw no end in sight.

Through passive real estate investing, she was able to quit her grueling emergency room job and move into a less-demanding role at a medical device company.

Now, she helps others create passive income, so that they have the freedom to do what they want with their time, and not feel bound by their jobs.



Benjamin Winski

Benjamin Winski

    Ben Winski is an experienced investor and entrepreneur who was able to design the life he wanted after investing in real estate. He was able to create multiple streams of income that allowed him the flexibility and the freedom to pursue his other passions, hobbies, and live his life to the fullest

    Instead of being stuck at the office, now he can spend quality time with his kids and his wife (Ronnie).

    As a family, they started SHALWIN PROPERTIES together, have spent tens of thousands of dollars and thousands of hours learning how to invest in real estate and learned how to successfully navigate the world of real estate markets.

    They spent the time and the money so you don’t have to!



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